Market Research and Analytics

Ensures we enter a market with current intelligence as it relates to competition, customer behavior, advertising efficacy and effective market penetration strategies. Our continuous evaluation through detailed reporting and analysis allows Synergis Education to forecast trends in enrollments and overall program success for its partner institutions.

  • Ongoing intelligence for new and existing locations
  • Timely research for new and existing program development and launch
  • In depth analysis of retention opportunities with existing students

Strategic Marketing

Dynamic life cycle marketing approach ensures high touch prospect engagement at each stage of the decision process. Using an integrated Push and Pull media approach on the front-end ensures that a larger share of the target universe is reached and that a steady stream of qualified inquiries moves swiftly into the pipeline.

  • Extensive use of data mining, statistical analysis, quantitative examination and predictive modeling
  • Nonstop evaluation of all current and future marketing channels
  • Integration of new media channels into the overall marketing mix
  • Continuous behavioral, predictive and overall re-targeting efforts

Enrollment Services

Centralized call center supplements Synergis enrollment staff to seamlessly move respondents from inquiry to enrollment with a proven enrollment management process.

  • Robust speed to lead strategy
  • Immediate identification of the prospective student’s needs
  • Timely appointments schedule for the prospective student
  • Detailed collection and organization of student information
  • High-touch preparation and follow up on academic plans
  • Constant attention placed on efficiencies, retention and compliance

Our Services

Marketing and Enrollment

Marketing research, analytics,
strategic marketing
and enrollment services.

Academic Services

Academic staff
expertise and support.

Student Retention

Retention services and
regulatory consulting.

System Integration

Data systems and
custom integration.