An Institution Reimagined

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The repeatable framework established through the Synergis Best-in-Class Service Suite is supported by a 3Modality approach, better defined as an ability to offer degree programs Online, Face-to-Face and in a Blended format. 3Modality has allowed for the roll-out of historically face-to-face degrees into a new format that is nimbler.

3Modality is supported by One Operational Team, focused on One Goal; the ability to launch market-demand programs despite the historical barriers to growth. Since January of 2014, this approach has allowed Synergis and its partners to launch complex, pre- and post-clinical healthcare degree programs as well as market-demand programs such as business, education and technology.

Our Services

Marketing and Enrollment

Marketing research, analytics,
strategic marketing
and enrollment services.

Academic Services

Academic staff
expertise and support.

Student Retention

Retention services and
regulatory consulting.

System Integration

Data systems and
custom integration.