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Partnering with Academic Services: Three Aspects of Collaboration

Collaboration is powerful. At Synergis Education, we believe most endeavors are best realized through collaboration, and we know it makes us and our partners stronger—we stake our business on it. Here in Academic Services, we approach each curriculum design project as a collaborative partnership. What is this partnership like? Three aspects stand out. We partner with instructors Collaboration starts with shared passion and common goals: like our partners, we’re excited about improving opportunities through higher education. Our goal is to create amazing courses for 21st-Century Learners, ones that reflect each partner’s values, are easy to navigate, and enjoyable to teach. To create them, our design team partners with stand-out faculty to design all course elements. Each instructor brings crucial subject-area expertise, teaching experience, and institutional knowledge to the partnership. Our design team brings complementary expertise in instructional design, online education, and technology. We build a relationship of mutual respect and [...]

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I Love Working with Faculty

I really enjoy being an instructional designer. I have worn many hats over the years. Being an instructional designer is a great fit for my strengths because I get to be a creative problem solver. I get to contribute. I enjoy finding ways to make assessments more engaging for students. I love working with faculty to come up with ideas to break out of the usual mold of papers and exams. I like to work with faculty to create assessments that are real-world and ask students to apply what they learned in authentic assessments. What has this looked like for me and my partner faculty? Those authentic assessments include: ePortfolios, reflective journaling, training and job aids. Sometimes, I will work with faculty who have never taught online and have a hard time seeing how face-to-face teaching can be accomplished in an online course. When I start working with a faculty [...]

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