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Recording Audio on a Mac with Quicktime Player

Open Quicktime Player in the Applications folder. From the File menu, click New Audio Recording. Click the dropdown arrow next to the red Record button and make sure the microphone you want to record from is selected. Click the red Record button to begin your recording. As you record, the duration and file size are displayed. Press the same button (now a Stop icon) to stop your recording. From the File menu click Save, and then name your recording and choose a file destination. Click the Save button to save your recording.

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Faculty Online Presence

The instructor’s role in the facilitation of a course is a significant factor in a student’s overall satisfaction with online learning. You can have students read the textbook and complete a test, but if there is no one there guiding the online experience, what value does the course provide students that they can’t find on their own on the Internet? This is one reason that faculty online presence is so important. Think About Teaching Face-to-Face How would you start a traditional class session? You probably would walk into class with lecture materials and some examples or activities to share. Before you jump into your lecture, you start by greeting your students, asking how everyone is doing, the weather, news events, or other topics of interest. After greetings, you begin your lecture which might include: writing examples on the board, using gestures for emphasis, changing your tone, or simplifying content. Afterwards, [...]

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Recording Audio with Windows 10 Voice Recorder

This is one of the most basic and easy-to-use audio recording programs available for free on computers using the Microsoft Windows 10® operating system. If Windows Voice Recorder is not pre-installed on your computer, download Windows Voice Recorder from the Windows store. If Windows Voice Recorder is already downloaded on your computer, you can search for “Voice Recorder” using Cortana. Recording and Saving Audio Files Once you have installed or located the Voice Recorder application, follow these instructions for recording and saving an audio recording: Open Voice Recorder on your computer. To record audio, click on the Microphone button. To stop recording, click on the Stop button. After stopping the recording, the program will auto save and name your audio. From this screen you can share, trim, delete, or rename a file. Because the audio is auto saved with a default name, it is important to rename your recorded file. [...]

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Partnering with Academic Services: Three Aspects of Collaboration

Collaboration is powerful. At Synergis Education, we believe most endeavors are best realized through collaboration, and we know it makes us and our partners stronger—we stake our business on it. Here in Academic Services, we approach each curriculum design project as a collaborative partnership. What is this partnership like? Three aspects stand out. We partner with instructors Collaboration starts with shared passion and common goals: like our partners, we’re excited about improving opportunities through higher education. Our goal is to create amazing courses for 21st-Century Learners, ones that reflect each partner’s values, are easy to navigate, and enjoyable to teach. To create them, our design team partners with stand-out faculty to design all course elements. Each instructor brings crucial subject-area expertise, teaching experience, and institutional knowledge to the partnership. Our design team brings complementary expertise in instructional design, online education, and technology. We build a relationship of mutual respect and [...]

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Recording Audio with Audacity

Audacity is a free, open-source audio recording and editing application that can be found at Install for Windows Install for Mac Mac users: After installation, Audacity may be blocked from opening by the security settings of the operating system. You may unblock the application by opening System Preferences, selecting Security & Privacy, and clicking the button marked Open Anyway. Recording and Saving Audio Files While Audacity offers advanced capabilities, our needs right now are simple: record and save audio. Open Audacity on your computer. To begin recording audio, press the red Record button. The audio you record will show up in the dark grey window below the controls. To stop recording, press the Stop button. When you’re happy with your recording, you will need to export the audio in a format that others can use. Choose File, then Export…. In the window that opens, choose a location to save [...]

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