Synergis Education

Established in 2011, Synergis set out to build a passionate culture dedicated to creating quality, higher education programs that are valuable, delivered efficiently and are accessible to an ever-evolving student base. Not simply an online program manager (OPM), Synergis is a premier service provider (PSP) that assists colleges and universities to design and deliver relevant, flexible, and market-demand academic programs.


3Modality has allowed for the roll-out of historically face-to-face degrees into a new format that is nimbler.

Synergis helps to align the student, institution and the delivery of the degree with its distinctive, repeatable framework. This framework addresses the needs of today’s ever-changing educational marketplace – from delivery mode to programmatic structure to area of study – all designed to increase access through face-to-face, blended or fully online learning opportunities.

This repeatable framework is supported by a 3Modality approach, better defined as an ability to offer degree programs Online, Face-to-Face and in a Blended format.

Our Mission

“Synergis Education brings new expertise and resources to colleges and universities assisting in the
development, accessibility and delivery of academic programs in high-demand fields.”

Our Values


Our actions will always be honest, of the highest standards, and reflect our values.


We succeed together through mutual respect, strong teamwork, collaboration and inclusiveness.


Transference of knowledge and practical experiences will cultivate growth.


Synergis Education will always be “on stage” with our actions, behavior and presence.


Strive for excellence in everything we do by providing best in-class services that will exceed student and partner needs now and into the future.


We make all performance metrics and business practices available and completely transparent to our partner institutions to strengthen a foundation of trust.